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  • Ruby glass with the bubble effect

    Ruby glass with the bubble effect

    The hand-blown decorative vessels with the simple but elegant design in 3 sizes.

    Glass in which the flowers, pebbles, candles or other decorations will look just beautifully.

    The vessels thank to the “bubble” effect of the hand-blown glass create the interesting game of glitters. So from the distance you have the feeling that the gems are hidden in it.

    You can place the vessels on the window ledge, chest of drawers or you can decorate the festive set table.

    The vessels selection

    • Small vessel (14 EUR) - height 7 cm, width 6 cm
    • Medium vessel (22 EUR) - height 9 cm, width 8 cm
    • Large vessel (46 EUR) - height a 14 cm, width 13,5 cm

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