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  • Perfumed candle black

    Perfumed candle black

    The hand-filled perfumed candles in the glass that can conjure in the moment the warmth and the light up around which we love to meet up.

    The filling of the candles is the mix of vegetable waxes that have the smooth texture and can maintain the large amount of the fragrant component.

    Dimensions: height 8,5 cm, width 7 cm
    Time of burning: approx. 40 hours
    Colour of the glass: black

    We recommend letting the candle burn until the whole surface is liquid. Mainly during the first burning, to achieve the clear burning out of the whole candle.

    Before the next lighting cut off the wick, so you ensure the effective burning of the candle.

    The scents selection

    • Touch of power - magical attractive scent of the tobacco and oak with the sign of cognac, evoking the fatal romance
    • Touch of desire - the combination of sweetly enchanting raspberries and hot up to spicy pepper. It is the wild ride that you will like

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